Wazan Corporation Sdn Bhd
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Wazan Corporation

WAZAN Corporation Sdn Bhd (WAZAN) is an electrical and construction contractor. WAZAN have embarked in numerous electrical and construction works throughout Malaysia.

Our scope of works and services are:

      1.   Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor for power electrical and 
            telecommunication works.

      2.   Power electrical and telecommunication site construction, erection, installation, testing and
            commissioning works –transformer, switchgear, electrical meters, cables & other power electrical
            and telecommunication equipments and apparatus.
      3.   On-site condition monitoring, inspection, investigation, rectification, refurbishment and repair works
            on transformer, switchgear, meters & other power electrical equipments and apparatus

      4.   Transformer oil services – sampling, testing, filteration, recycling, purification & regeneration.
      5.   One-stop-centre for other electrical & telecommunication services, including Project Management,
            trading & supply of materials, components, tools, parts, manpower, etc.

WAZAN was granted the sole agent rights to represent ZTZ Service Co - Ukraine in Southeast Asia, to offer the following services:

1. On-site services and testing on HV and power equipments and apparatus.

2.  Diagnostics of defects and Incipient (early stage) Faults.

3.  Life assessment & life extension of power transformer and other HV and power equipment and apparatus.

4.  Enhancement on transformer oil services, processing and reclamation.

5.  Enhancement on repair, modification, modernization and refurbishment.

With all these development, WAZAN is determined to become a One-Stop-Centre for all power electrical

and telecommunication field works and services in Malaysia and South East Asia.